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Hey, not sure if this still matters, but:

It seems to be pretty good out of the box for motard. The front is divey, but what dirt bike isn't? The Marzocchis seem to be adjustable enough to compensate a bit. Only big problem I've had is chatter on the rear when backing it in, but I haven't adjusted the rear suspension at all yet so I'm hoping dialing in a bunch of rebound damping will help that. The handling is razor sharp, maybe a bit loose in the front end but not jittery, at least not with a Scotts damper.

FYI, if you want a 320mm front brake, the Husky rotors (WR250/TE450/TE510/etc) will fit. Not sure about the relocation bracket, should know in a week. :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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