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Best street supermoto TC 450 gearing?

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Been searching the forums, all I could really find out is that the choice SMR 450 sprocket seems to be 16/42.

Since my bike is a 450 with a 5 speed gear box, what do you guys think would be a pretty decent street sprocket setup for my bike? (I have 17'' wheels)

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What do you have now? (Just to have a base on where to start, so you might not have to buy a set of sprockets, vs one front or a rear)

On my 530(6spd) I was running 16/42, wheelied like crazy with all the torque but I could hit the freeway no problem. I think it topped out about 105-110 if I remember right.

So based on that, I would say try something a little shorter, Maybe a 16/45?? Im not the best at guessing ratios unless I have been playing with the bike for a bit and messing with sprockets I have in hand to test out :lol:
Breaking out the old manual here. This may help. Transmission ratios as follows. If you need them all, reply back.
SMR 4th gear 1.086
5th gear .920
6th gear .814

TC 4th gear 1.086
5th gear .954
06 SMR450 here... running a 14/42 and it's a wheelie MACHINE. Pulls 95-100 max at 8000rpm. No issues of comfort running standard freeway speeds.
Well the SM 5th is taller than the TC 5th. The SM has the added 6th to boot.

I'm running a 15-42 and it's good all the way around. That being said, I wouldn't want to run the bike in 5th getting to the fun stuff. And the TC is a little shorter than my 5th.

If you want to play with the ratios more, go to here:
The bike was kinda of halfway converted to street supermoto when I bought it (Also had a blown motor) So now that i am finishing up the motor rebuild I'm starting to think about the other stuff. The bike has the stock dirt 15/50 sprocket setup now, both sprockets look like they should get replaced anyways.

I'm not really that familiar with the gear ratio's and all of that (No one ever really gave me a good lesson on that stuff before) Was kinda hoping somebody on here converted a tc before and did the guesswork already.... What do you guys suggest?

Hardly anyone has a converted TC for street use. You are going to have to make a compromise between first gear starts and fifth gear freeway cruising. I would read up on what gearing people use for MX bikes for street use. Lots more info than for a TC.
Like JLK said. You gotta make a compromise. That TC will be zinning it's ass off at 70mph with that gearing. Yes, 15-50 is stock for that bike.

Bigger in the front gives more on top. Sacrifices low end.
Bigger in the rear gives acceleration down low. Sacrifices top speed.

I'm guessing a 16-45 would be a good compromise.
Yup, i'm ok with compromise, just lookin for the best all around sizes to ride this guy on the street. I'll fool around with that gearing commander a bit, looks like a pretty cool online tool.

Seems like gearcommander says i will only get about 80 mph out of a 16/40 setup, thats not that great... going bigger on the front or smaller on the back would start to get alittle extreme isn't it? Does that sound right? How accurate is it? Could somebody go on there and tell me if that is right, and how bad my first gear starts are going to be with that setup? My bike is an 2004 tc 450, the tire is a 150/60/17, i think thats all the info you would need for gear commander...

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