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Best day to watch SM at Amago?

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When would be a good day to make a spectating trip out there for a weekend excursion. I live in LA and I just got back from the Grange race and I thought It would be cool to take a weekend trip out to AMAGO and watch a track day. Just to see the guys and different bikes running and maybe ask some questions. I just wanted to know when a good day would be to see the most amount of guys or girls running? Are there certain days where there are only SMs on the track. Please advise. Also how far is the track from San Diego?
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I think your best bet is to keep an eye out here, on the board. Look for several peeps getting together to go and then hike out yourself. If I picked a random day I would venture a guess and say go on Sunday.

I'm going to start a new post soon and see who's going this weekend too. If there's a few that dedicate to a certain day then I'll go then.
I rode the dirt section last Saturday in what I think was prime conditions. There was one mud hole left as you exit the track and head down to the tabletop, but there was a clean line around it so no big deal. I thought the dirt section was a blast, but it was the first time I've been in the dirt in a loooooong time. About thirteen years or so.... :hmmm: The only issue I had was when you're coming back onto the track. There's a jump that takes you back onto the track. I wasn't going far enough over the jump to get the front tire all the way onto the track, and there's a dip just before the asphalt starts. I hit the dip several times and bottomed out the forks pretty hard a few times. I'd like to fill in the dip with some dirt, or maybe learning to jump better would work too. I'm gonna try and go again this Saturday.
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