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Best day to watch SM at Amago?

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When would be a good day to make a spectating trip out there for a weekend excursion. I live in LA and I just got back from the Grange race and I thought It would be cool to take a weekend trip out to AMAGO and watch a track day. Just to see the guys and different bikes running and maybe ask some questions. I just wanted to know when a good day would be to see the most amount of guys or girls running? Are there certain days where there are only SMs on the track. Please advise. Also how far is the track from San Diego?
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Amago is a light switch, been there buy myself and shown up with usually no more than five guys there. They opened up a dirt section and I believe more people have been going. small tight track nothing to fancy but very spectator friendly, It's open all week and weekends, basically a practice track, no races not yet anyhow. I would say a weekend would be your best bet but don't be surprised if the track is plagued with pocket bikes. Its about 45 min. from San Marcos where i live, from San Diego say P.B. your at about an hour and a half. You also have Apex in Perris a little closer to you but only on Thursdays so far, and there's always still Grange my favorite numerous pro's practice there great for spectating and meeting new people with Q and A
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Thanks for the info, sounds pretty fun, just two more, where abouts is it? over by turn six i'm assuming. and they flood it with the water truck huh, or was it after some weather?
Thanks, I'm anxious to check it out, Have fun on Sunday!!
I'm there! showing up early, my son's b-day party at two o'clock, hopefully an 8 to 12:30 C-ya there.
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