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Best day to watch SM at Amago?

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When would be a good day to make a spectating trip out there for a weekend excursion. I live in LA and I just got back from the Grange race and I thought It would be cool to take a weekend trip out to AMAGO and watch a track day. Just to see the guys and different bikes running and maybe ask some questions. I just wanted to know when a good day would be to see the most amount of guys or girls running? Are there certain days where there are only SMs on the track. Please advise. Also how far is the track from San Diego?
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i was hoping to go to the desert this weekend but am having some issues fitting my front dirt wheel with the SM caliper (i no longer have the stock caliper). bummer, so, i may be going to amago...sunday maybe
WERD homies...i's thinkin sunday's the time fo me. Brian, what time are you guys gonna get there?'re going sunday. lol.
right on. i think a buddy of mine from work is gonna meet us up there on his SV 1000. see ya tomorrow.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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