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Best day to watch SM at Amago?

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When would be a good day to make a spectating trip out there for a weekend excursion. I live in LA and I just got back from the Grange race and I thought It would be cool to take a weekend trip out to AMAGO and watch a track day. Just to see the guys and different bikes running and maybe ask some questions. I just wanted to know when a good day would be to see the most amount of guys or girls running? Are there certain days where there are only SMs on the track. Please advise. Also how far is the track from San Diego?
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i've only tried the mud puddle section :lol:

lots of folks there on sunday, anyone got a dirt section review?

looking at it (and one time through real real slow and sideways) it looks like they did it just right. big table, nice left hander, right flat everyone crash here hairpin, big ol burn leading to jump back onto the track.
Hyde said:
Thanks for the info, sounds pretty fun, just two more, where abouts is it? over by turn six i'm assuming. and they flood it with the water truck huh, or was it after some weather?
it was 2 weeks ago after the big rains.

it's actually right at turn 2. they took down the fence, you go off the track then there's a big drop before hitting the table. i'm curious from folks that rode it if it's tough scrapping off enough speed for the decent into the dirt? it's like straighaway, little turn 1 right, start turn 2, then bombs away into the dirt section!
louR7 said:
alrighty people, so who's thinking about going?

ROLL CALL!! beeeeeeyooooootches!!
i already said i was going, but not under the guise of a official roll call. so um, me and eddie will be there, as will my hommie malcolm with the 2 smoker ktm sm.
louR7 said:
I'll prolly leave down here by about 11 so by about 12:30...who's bringing beer?

and someone tell that crazy Kiwi to come out too!! I'll bring the XR prolly.
what about that pimp ass crf! damm that bike rides good....
Welcome to the site Jesse, I knew i recognized the name from somewhere.

I traded my sv days for a lc4. on my third motard since and i've got ZERO regrets.
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