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BattleTrax coming to SoCal

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To add to the fun, riders are broken into classes that allow like motorcycles to compete with each other. All types of motorcycles and all levels of riding skill—from beginner to expert—can find fun and excitement "carving cones" on a BATTLETRAX course.
heheheheh...SuperMoto bikes...k, need 9 more ppl to make a team.

it's not a STTARS weekend and my head should be good by then.


I'm sure we could get at least 20 people from this site to sign up and watch the carnage.

for more info:
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We have had a bunch of them in Iowa. The local Harley/Buell shop puts them on as a way to show how good the Buells are compared to the ricers. (not) A bunch of us took our YSRs to the deal and cleaned house. We didn't just take stockers, OH NO, we took our frankenbike YSRs. YSR/YZ250, YSR/YZ426F, YSR/YZ80 and a few others. There was no one there who even got a wiff. There were a coulpe motards there, but the high center of gravity worked to their disadvantage. It was great fun seeing the jaws of the Buell guys drop when we came in 8-10 seconds quicker than their best times. Some Jeff Johnson guy who is the factory Buell Roadrace guy was there and gave it his best shot on a very worked on Buell Blast, but he wasn't even close.

Everyone should go and try the Battletrax thing out. It is a "must do" at least one time anyway. It isn't as much fun as a track day, but there are usually lots more spectators at the Battletrax events than there are at track days. There aren't any jumps though. Unless you jump over fallen Buell riders.

I hope the guys that go have a lot of fun.

Paul G
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I knew you guys would have a blast. Who had the fast time of the day, and what were they riding?

Good job guys.

Paul G
I can't believe that a CB1 had a better time than a couple Supermoto bikes. That guy must have been some sort of two wheeled god. I saw a guy with a seriously tricked out Buell X1 do some very fast trips through the Battletrax course we ran on. We were still about 6 seconds faster on our Frankenbike YSRs. The guy on the Buell was really impressive to watch. He look to be going very fast, but he was beated soundly by a guy on a XR650 Honda with enduro tires on it.

Like I said before. The guy on the CB1 must have been one very experienced rider to out do a pair of Supermoto bikes on a tight course like a Battletrax.


Paul G
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