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Bad Ass 2008 Honda CRF 450 Part Out. Everything SM. Tires, tools, gear,warmers,ect.

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Moving on from SuperMoto. Breaking down and parting out my 2008 Honda CRF 450. Will Be posting photos and descriptions as time permits. Stay tuned to this thread as EVERYTHING goes. Bike, spares, tire sets, clothing, helmets, even the trailer ! Gonna be offering some smoaking deals over the next few weeks. All my prices include shipping. I am open to counter offers and give pretty good discounts for multiple item purchases. I accept Paypal and only ship to the United States. After funds are recieved, I will ship item UPS Ground the following bussiness day and provide the customer a tracking number. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks for taking the time to look this stuff over....Chris

Alpina Wheels - These are the newest creation from Alpina. They are a TUBELESS, Carbon Fiber, dual colored Supermoto wheel set. They start life as a very thin sheet of alunimum. They are then wrapped with Carbon Fiber. If that isn't trick enough, Alpina uses their tubeless spoke system. The front is a 16.5"x3.5" and the rear is a 17"x5". Thes wheels do show signs of wear cosmeticly only. They have some chain slap and paint scratching. Mechanicly they are perfect. These are the strongest and lightest set of wheels I have ever owned. I purchased them last September for $ 1805.00. I'm willing to let these go for $1405.00. - SOLD

Beringer complete front brake system with spare set of pads. Anyone that has been around Supermoto knows that Beringer is the best brake system you can use. This is a 310mm floating rotor, 6 piston caliper, Berringer brake line, and SM spific master. The last race was in the rain at ETown. The cast iron rotors tend to discolor quickly in the rain. Rotor will clean up first time you use it. Please note scrapes on top of master cylinder. Will ship this complete for $900.00. - SOLD

Red Barron offset adjustable triple clamp. Offset is adjustable fron 14mm to 16mm. Makes a huge difference in handling of bike. Supermoto is all about getting the front and rear wheels closer together. This is the tightest clamp I've seen. I included the stock Honda stablizer. I will ship for $ 400.00 - SOLD

Hinson slipper clutch and case cover. Allows rider to enter corner much faster by allowing rear wheel to turn freely as opposed to hoping. Case cover not only stands up to more abuse, holds more oil, but looks realy cool. Will ship for $600.00 - SOLD

Full Supermoto supension. Was done by Race Teck. Full seals, valves, oil, springs, everything. Costs me $890.00 to have done. If you are attempting to ride with stock supension, you are at a seveare disadvantage. You get full Supermoto plus the internals if you want to convert back to dirt. Plus a extra spring. Shipped to you for $1100.00

Engin number 1 is a 2008 Honda CRF 450 stock motor. Has little to no time on it. Other than that I realy don't know a whole lot about it. I purchased it from EBay about a year ago. I had planned on keeping it as a spare. I have never ran it. It has ridden around in trailer since then. I opened up head. Everything looks brand new. Factory paint makings still on everything. Motor still has stock countershaft sprocket on it. You can clearly see that it has not been used. Believe this motor was removed from a brand new bike to make way for a 2 stroke 500cc conversion. It's yours for $1800.00

Engine number 2 was my race motor. It has about 50 hours or so on it. Stock 2008 Honda CRF 450 motor. Has Weisco 12.5 piston with 38 hours. Has Pro-Circut Factory head. It has been ported/polished, Titanium valves, Cam, springs. Now the bad news....It failed last race. The roller rocker bearing imploded. I shut the motor down as soon as it happened. No metal in the oil when I drained it. I was able to recover most of roller rocker and one shim. New owner should disassemble and go through motor very closely. I would guess new cam, roller rocker at least. If you want it, it's yours for $600.00. I took some more pictures of items of interest. Any questions, feel free to call me also. - Sold

Aparopibic Titanium/Carbon Fiber exhaust. I still can't spell the manunfactures name after all these years. Reguardless, this pipe realy let's the bike breath. Motor when jetted correctly realy rips. Pipe also has noise resinating chamber wich creates more power while lowering noise output a tad. Pipe has seen a bit of time. Please note scratches. Yours for $400.00.

Light Speed Carbon Fiber protectors. One frame slider, two side frame protectors, and two engine protectors. All for $250.00

All plastic from bike. Is Cycra Flo body work all in black. Fuel tank and airbox included. Will ship out for $550.00

Raptor Titanium footpegs. You ever been drinking and buy something on the internet that you probably shouldn't have?.... I bought these awhile back from one of our moderators here on SMJ. They are actualy pretty awsome. Shorter, lighter, and sharper than stock. They come with an extra set of sliders. You can be the next owner for $160.00. (actualy much cheaper than new-beleve it or not) - SOLD

These have been through the ringer. Been on many bikes and been in many wrecks. Not real pretty, but will get the job done. Shipped for $65.00 to your door. - SOLD

Stock Honda CRF 450 exhaust. Very little use. Been ridiing in the trailer. Yours for $100.00. - SOLD

Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers. Have about half a race season on them. In excellent shape. Shipped for $275.00 - SOLD

Stock Honda CRF 450 triple clamp. Get what you see for $125.00

2008 Honda CRF 450 Frame, Swingarm, Supension Linkage, Chanin Sliders, ect. Is a bit dirty still. Good condition with the exception of a dent on bottom of frame. I never notied till I took bike apart to sell. Will ship all to you for $650.00
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i dont have a crf, but want to go buy one so i can buy some of these parts!! :coffee:
Good deal on those wheels retail for 2800.00 new
Thanks for the props guys....

Glad to see somebody was lookin.
Will the slipper fit a 450x ? Do u have a part # so i can call hinson and get the low down ?
What weight is the suspension done for ?
Kinda upsetting I'm going on vacation or I be blowing a paycheck easily in this thread !!

I will look on the slipper. I bought the part used. Don't realy have any paperwork. Just looked at slipper. No part numbers visable. I would look at parts break downs for my bike and your bike from Honda. If part numbers for both of our clutches match, then your good.

What weight is the suspension done for ?
Kinda upsetting I'm going on vacation or I be blowing a paycheck easily in this thread !!
I orinionaly had it done when I was 195. Then I lost 10 and had to go to the blue spring that is on it now. No changes were needed for front. Hope this helps....Chris
Kool I'll Look into the clucth , Would u do the susp. without the springs ? I'm 195 without gear . I'm goin to the beach for 2 weeks , Maybe we can work out a deal when i get back (if your don't sell it all )
More stuff.......

Dunlop Supermoto spific race tires. Fronts are 465 compound (supersoft) 16.5" and rears are 950 compound (soft) 17". Have 2 sets of slicks and 2 sets of rains brand new. Will ship to you for $340.00 a set.

Dunlop Rain tires. Have 2 practices on them. Sun came out and I went back to slicks. Yours for $240.00.

Alpinestars SM1 Supermoto suit. Makes you feel invinceable when your out on the asphault. It fits kinda baggy on me. I'm 5'8", 185~195lbs (depending on beer consumption) 48" chest, 36" waist, 32" inseam. Has alot of road rash from multiple crashes. Little bit of a musty smell if you stick your head inside of suit. Otherwise great suit for half the price. Will ship for $450.00.

Vanson Road Race Suit. In great condition with very little wear. Back from my rr days. Is much smaller that Alpinstars. I am not able to find a tag for sizing on Vanson suit. I would guess 46. Would fit someone 5'8", 170 lbs, 46" chest, 32" waist, 32" inseam. Yours for $650.00

Troy Lee Designs stuff. Leather race pant and Impact gear protector. Jersery is probably good for an oil rag. Rest of stuff in good condition. Yours for $150.00.

Sidi boots. Not the Crossfire, but one step below. Still have ability for interchangeable soles. Will come with red, yellow, and black that are all used. Word of warning. These boots have been throughaly used. I still wore them every race and felt safe. BUT, they have alot of road rash and bit of a funky odor. If you still want them I'll ship to your door for $100.00.
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How much for the cooler thats on top of your garden hose?
John ESMRA#118
Can't sell that !

How much for the cooler thats on top of your garden hose?
John ESMRA#118
That has held more beers (memorys) than a grocery store shelf. That baby is priceless. Plus it has wheels ! Only thing I'm alowed to ride anymore....:bannana:
Great if has wheels you could put on that A-STAR suit and do a late night hot lap at E-TOWN on it.
John ESMRA#118
More stuff......

Air filters. Two [email protected] and one stock filters. One [email protected] has 1.5 seasons of races on it. The other is almost brand new. It has 3 races on it. These filters realy do work by alowing alot more air into your motor. The stock air filter is in great condition also. You can have all three for $170.00 shipped. If you want one, the best [email protected] is $95.00, older [email protected] is $65.00, and stock is $40.00.

Stock 2008 Honda CRF 450 head. Intake valves have smashed their into head. Would be grat for rebuild with tia or stainless valves. Yours for $150.00 shipped.

Stock 2008 Honda CRF 450 subframe. Perfectly straight and ready to bolt on. Shipped to you for $140.00.

STG step seat. Great seat for all forms of racing. Puts your butt in exactly the right position on the bike. Keeps people from overweighting the rear wheel by sitting on the back of the seat. Plus it looks realy cool. Yours for $80.00

Zeta handlebars. Sold to me by a great friend and guy by the name of Forest from Wheeling Cycle Supply. These are a KTM bend, but seem to be stronger from the abuse I've put them through. Both sets are yours for $120.00. The brand new set is $90.00, and the used set is $40.00.

Stock Honda CRF 450 carb, throttle, and cables. Is loaded with a 190 main jet wich can be changed at customers request. Throttle tube is aluminum with end cut for handguards. Shipped for $220.00 - SOLD

Stock Honda CRF 450 front and rear brakes. Nothing special comes to mind. Advrage wear. Both functioning well. Shipped to you for $170.00

Clutch cable, ASM levers, and stock pearches. All in pretty good condition. Great to have as spares in the trailer. Shipped for $90.00

Works Connection fuel screw. Much better than having to use a straight blade screw driver to adjust fuel screw. Shipped for $65.00.

Zeta front fork air bleeders. You should release the trapped/built up air in your forks every time you ride bike. These work much easier than usiing a screwdriver. Super easy install. Yours for $50.00

Boysen water pump cover and impeller. This is huge when it comes to getting the Honda to run cooler. Five minute install with a much happier engine. Shipped for $120.00

Boysen Quick shot Carb. cover. Eliminates bogging off idle due to air in fuel. Works awsome. Easy instal. Shipped for 65.00. - SOLD

Toyko Mods manual cam chain adjuster. A deffinate on any built motor. No more waiting for stock cam chain tentioner to fail. Yours for $80.00

Stock Honda CRF 450 wire harnus, CDI, wire connector. Great spare or upgrade for older bike. Shipped for $220.00.

Stock Honda CRF 450 radiators, CVS and stock radiator hoses. Honda radiators are known to fail. Don't miss a race cause you didn't buy these. I realy should have washed these down better. They are very dirty due to last race beiing in rain. They clean up nice. Shipped to you for $275.00

Works Connection radiator braces. Probably the reason my radiators are still rectangular shaped. These work awsome in saving your radiators from getting beaten up. Yours for $75.00

Supermoto catch can system. One for carberator will all drain hoses attached. The other is for radiator with fluid return. You get both for $65.00

Kinda a grab bag of assorted stuff. You get 2 kickstarters. One from 2008 and one from 199?. 1 2008 shift lever. 2 axle spacers. 2 engine covers. 1 gas cap. 1 vent tube. 1 throttle assy. cover. 1 lever ?? I want it out of here. Yours for $100.00.

Various chains, sprockets, bar pad, ect. Yours for $30.00

Chain sliders. Yours for $20.00
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How much for billet gas cap?

Just curious if your selling that too.
Got to hold off...

How much for billet gas cap?

Just curious if your selling that too.
Have a deal pending on bodywork wick includes gas cap. If it falls through, cap is yours.

Hinson slipper clutch, Hinson case cover, and stock exhaust are sold. Thank you.

Chicken Hawk tire warmers are sold. Thank You.
Interested in both sets of slicks.

Willing to ship via USPS to APO, AP 96326? (Japan US Military)

coin sent for the hand guards!
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