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Back from the gap Special thanks

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Just got back sat night. Wow it was great. The video's don't do it justice didn't get many pics . Special thanks to Greg at Sportbikes For Hire for saving the trip. We drove 8hrs only to find my buddy couldn't ride his bike. One call to greg and he had a bike there asap. I'm ready to go back again
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We drove 8hrs only to find my buddy couldn't ride his bike.
What was the problem? Don't say he forgot his key.....:hmmm:
No comment. I can't sell him out.
Trying to talk the wife into a vacation at Cherokee I could get in a day of riding while they go shopping :bannana:
Cherokee ,woulld be a great place to start ,but for shopping the wife can go over the mtn to Pigeon forge TN 30mi away and it's a "shoppers paradise" Cherokee does'nt have great shopping just tourist BS ,let some of us WNCer's know when your comin there are twisty's out the arse here.
Thanks for the info. It's probally gonna be in july or aug when the temps are warm. The wife and kids want to go tubing. I'll let ya'll know and take orders for " Eastern Bbq"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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