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I am a regular viewer of this site, though this is my very first post. Right off the bat let me say that I feel poorly for all of the people that worked so hard in getting this site up and running initially, only to have all of their hard work trashed by someone with no guts. I hate cowards, and that's exactly what the person who trashed someone else's effort for the sake of a grudge. You may be internet savvy, and you may be able to ruin someone's hard work, but you know what - Kharma is a wonderful thing. You'll definetly reap what you sow my friend.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, here's a relatively self-serving question. What's happening with August's giveaway? I have a set of the Tri-Star clamps on my MX CRF, and was hoping beyond hopes that I would win the upper (obviously I'd be on my own to buy the lower - but hey, I'm halfway there already) in August's giveaway. Are we bumping it to September?

By the way, I'd recommend the Tri-Star clamps to anyone. I've done the season with them, and they're amazing. Great price point, good finish, great quality, and they blend in looking trick without looking all Bling Bling (I'm 35 and beyond the shiney stuff).

Take care everyone, and I look forward to the reply.
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