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Anyone Got a crappy Round Headlight/taillight laying around?

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for my tw200 street tracker project which is already overbudget. need a basic round headlight, and a little tail light as well. got some ol things around the garage for a couple bucks?

making me something like this:
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I think I might have something for you, I will look through my piles tomorrow. You want round? I have some rd rounds, maybe a early honda..
yup, going for a retro kinda thing :thumbup:

then i'll just need a little brake light. i seem to remember seeing ones like the one in the pic for like $15 someplace :headscrat
I was at our local MC salvage yesterday, they sell EMGO products. they had a pretty cool small tail light, it was the enduro model. probably 3 inches wide, very old school looking. I used a early honda dream tail light/ license bracket on my RD, very clean, and pretty small. I might have a spare, but the lense is broken, you can get a repro cheap, same as early CT70..
i remember hearing about the rd at track days, lets see some pics!

I'll do one thing at a time, first mission is getting the headlight, and getting rid of all the air box and crap and replacing with a little pod filter. I'm gonna really enjoy "the wife's bike" hehehe!
yeah, that RD ripped!! very light, good power, handled OK. took it to Boundry bay, and it defintely held its own!!

here it is, but I just recently sold it though. in the second pic is my Honda CA77 Dream, and the Baggy.
Still looking for a round headlight, anything 6" or smaller will bolt right onto the stock mount. I've got the new wheels mounted up. a dunlop flat track tire up front, and the trailwing like those above in the rear. i screwed up because i later found out i could get a flat track tire for the rear. wierdly, at the same psi the trail wing heats up more. I can't get rid of the airbox/crap without building a custom battery holder which i'm too lazy to deal with. so mods are basically gonna be new tail section (trying a chopped wr400 stock one on there tommorow), round headlight, aformentioned tires, and a big pile of unnecesarry crap removed. I'll of course post pics when it's done. for now it's just nice having street-ish tires.

Phlat, nice seeing the stable! i've got a neighbor with a real nice rd400. I want a similar set up, but want an old triumph instead.

astro, that pic of the knobbies/clip ons is hilarious.
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