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So I have a 12 evo sp 1100 with a whole bunch of work to it. But it’s still not enough. I’ve been reading all over about people swapping the 1198 cc 155-175hp motor. Some say it bolts in, some say there’s some minor cutting involved. I am looming for a walkthrough or guide on the process since I don’t think my stock motor will ever make the power i Am looming for. Both me and my close friend came into some money and we both have personal garages where we’ve built many cars and bikes. Hoping I can find a rolling chassis hyper and an 1198 motor so I can see what kind of monster putting them Together would create.
the shop who does my current work on my hyper is a very good shop but they want 3-4K to do the swap plus the chassis and motor.
Anybody done this swap before or know of some literature thag could walk me through it? Thanks
Email is [email protected]
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