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The road to Crystal Lake is a fun one for motos. I did that with a friend a few weekends ago. As for the chain, please post things like that in another thread. Since it is already here though...

1) It looks awfully dirty. Get a chain cleaning kit and clean the grit out of it (and clean the cog, aka gear, while you are at it). A dirty chain/cog will make noise (and is potentially dangerous). Don't forget to use the proper lubricant for your application.

2) You should have ~1.5" of play/slack in the chain. When a chain is too tight, it will make noise.

Source: Been a certified bicycle mechanic for many many years. Google helps a little too.

I do know of a spot I have been itching to ride at. It is 100% dirt/fire trail once you reach the trail head.

P.S. You should check out Microblue products. I am going to be ordering ceramic wheel and tranny bearings soon. Adds a ton of HP and torque. They don't have my chain size though :'(
61 - 80 of 109 Posts