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Dear Racer,

I would like to introduce you to our 70/30 Racing Team Privateer Program. Team Privateer is dedicated to the support of Motorcycle Road Racers. Last year, Team Privateer sponsored riders won countless races and dozens of championships, both regional and national..

70/30 Racing offers this program to the racers as a way to give back to the racing community for our continued success. Whether you are new to the sport or preparing to make an assault on a national championship, 70/30 Racing Team Privateer program may have a program to help you achieve your goals.

Join the Team Privateer Program!

Our Team Privateer Program offers many benefits:

 Dramatic cost savings on all racing supplies

 Receive special promotion pricing on selected products from our Team Privateer sponsors

 Potential exposure in our catalog and Team Privateer Promotions

 Chance to be "Privateer of the Month" featured on our website

 Chance to be 70/30 Racing “Team Privateer of the Year”, 1 or 2 selected racers receive a exclusive website page and awards at the end of the year

 Move up in 4 sponsorship package levels – from product discounts, free selected product, credit on account and financial support

 Receive technical information from selected product manufactures

Requirements for being considered for 70/30 Racing Team Privateer Sponsorship:

 You must have a current racing license with any Amateur or Pro Racing Sanctioning Body.

 Place 2 70/30 Racing Racing stickers on your bike.

 Provide 70/30 Racing with a digital racing photo to be used on the Team Privateer website and/or catalog by September.

Send us your Application:

If you would like to join the 70/30 Racing Team Privateer Program, please fill out the attached application and submit it using one of the following methods below.

 Paper mail:

Team Privateer
151 Calle Iglesia
San Clemente, Ca 92671

 Fax 949-498-9090

 E-mail [email protected]

Once your application is processed:

You will receive a 70/30 Racing Team Privateer Sponsorship Contract and a 70/30 Racing Team Privateer Racer Packet. Included in your packet will be:

 70/30 Racing Catalog

 70/30 Racing Team Privateer pricelist

 3x7 inch "70/30 Racing" square stickers for your bike

 70/30 Racing Team Privateer patch for your leathers

In conclusion, there are countless benefits to becoming a member of 70/30 Racing Team Privateer. Thank you for taking the time to consider our Team Privateer program. We look forward to helping you achieve your road racing in every way possible!

Best Regards,
Gavin Trippe
(800) 221-7291 Ext. 229
FAX: 949-498-9492

2006 70/30 Racing Team Privateer Application form

Name _____________________

Address _____________________

City, state, zip _____________________

Daytime phone_____________________

E-mail address _____________________

All information listed above is required. We cannot process applications without complete information.

Please make a copy of your racing license and paste it below:

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Thanks to all that have sent in the applications i am looking forward to helping your guys out. Talk to you soon. Dont hesitate to send in the form.
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