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Another n00b in Seattle

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Hello all,

Thought I'd introduce myself before I start to ask all my n00b questions.

I've been riding street bikes for about twenty-five years and have probably owned a dozen or so different bikes including an XL250 and a DT250 a while back. My current ride is a mildly modded 1200 Bandit but I want something lighter and more nimble for an around town thrasher bike.

Is there much of a performance difference between the XR650L and the XR 650R? Is there as much aftermarket stuff for the XR-L?

Since it will be for road use I've been watching for a good stock XRL and I can Moto-fy it as budget permits.

I will now proceed to alternately lurk and ask annoying questions for the next several month until I pick up a a bike to tinker on. Then I will quit lurking and just ask annoying questions.

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welcome! you can hit up fellow area riders for test rides, most will be happy to help. any moto type bike on the road is a ripping good time! don't get caught up in the "have to have the ultimate" thing, I have almost as much fun taming a pig :D
yeah, I got it at moto international, wish they were still a dealer...

I am happy with mine, it sure is fun, and reliable. 12,000 miles and counting :thumbup:
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