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An Afternoon's Transformation

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Playin in the dirt

A bit more range

Ready for a fast date

Thought you guys mite like a look see.
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pazzoduc- any reason why you have a Scorpion Sync up front and an MT-60 on the rear? Is that your preferred setup? (I ask because I just got a pair of Syncs... was wondering if I should have gone Continental...)
So was the 18L tank worth the price? I'm debating on whether to upgrade my springs, as I'm heavier than average (and rebuild the suspension at the same time) or upgrade to the 18L tank. I want to do both but I just bought this 2003 Prestige used and I'm kinda taking it easy on mods until I'm sure I want to keep it.

pazzoduc- can you share what you did on the front end wrt the braking mods?
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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