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An Afternoon's Transformation

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Playin in the dirt

A bit more range

Ready for a fast date

Thought you guys mite like a look see.
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yeah, "Beast" is kinda an understatement. But I really just do light trail riding. Mostly gravel roads and pasture type stuff.

For the real dirt I use my 400ex. It's a lot harder to fall off of that!
gkanai said:
pazzoduc- any reason why you have a Scorpion Sync up front and an MT-60 on the rear? Is that your preferred setup?
Haha, I was wondering if anyone was gonna notice that. Truth is, I've been through 3 tires in the last couple of mos. Those are just the ones I had left. I think I'm gonna run pilots when I get enough cash to change 'em.
gkanai, I really don't know how to quantify whether the 18l tank "was worth it". It really depends on your riding style. I don't mind a little extra weight (if I did I woulda got a 525 anyhows) and I don't like sweating it out every 100 miles. So for me it was worth it. 376.00 new from munns shipped to my door. I looked around for mos for a used one. They were either beat up or sold for 300 anyway. So I just ordered a new one. And I believe they are or are soon to be unobtanium bits. So I figured get one while I can. The seat was something like 70.00 and it fits like crap. But I like modifying things so sooner or later it will fit like a glove.

Before you do your suspension, find out if it was already done.... Springs may be all ya need. You can get them off KTMtalk cheap and you can do it yourself.

This is the link to the front end mod. (I assume you mean the dirt set-up).
Did you use a dirt set from an SXC? If so what were the issues?
It is an E/SXC set-up with the cush drive rear. The biggest issue is the 21" spoke angle and the SMC caliper. There are several ways to deal with it. I chose to exchange the entire front brake when exchanging wheels. The extra few minutes is worth it. That way I get a softer less severe brake for the dirt and the disc is a bit smaller for clearance. Click Here
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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