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Amago Supermoto?

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New to the site.. Still not riding yet, but hoping to convert a CRF 450R over soon. Been working on my dirt skills 1st :D .
Has anyone, or does anyone ride @ Amago MX park in San Diego county? They have a converted cart track that looks fun, and I hope to be hitting it up soon.

Till then.. You can find me riding @ Fontana, WillowSprings, ButtonWillow, Lake Elsinore, Amago, Ocotillo.
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bdmmotard said:
welcome. yeah just use the search feature to look up "amago", there's a ton of posts. my avatar pic is from there, and someone from the site is there every week.

whats up RAt!

It's xyourlocaldjx from Socalsportbikes! Just got me a 450 last night! Lets convert together! :laughingr
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