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AMA Pro SM--'05 Rules Changes / Suggestions

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Do you have any suggestions for rule changes / general suggestions for the 2005 AMA Pro Racing Supermoto season?

I personally do not know of an official system in place for suggestions for changes, but with enough input, I'd bet that such a system could be easily created.

Possible topics:
Eligible motorcycles
Qualifying procedures
One-day vs. two-day formats
Double-header rounds

Please understand that I am asking this question as an individual and outside the direction of anyone at AMA Pro Racing.

Please also understand that absolutely no one was pleased with delay in the finalizing of the season calendar, nor could the calendar changes (Reno,
South Boston) have been avoided.

John Casimir
AMA Pro Racing Pit Steward
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Have someone other then the ama run the races.

If it going to be on TV show the race not talk about the riders.

Dan V.
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