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AMA Round 1 and ESPN Moto X Supermoto race

RACE DATE: April 11-12

Write-up from SuperMoto Race Magazine, the below info has been compiled by SMR

-First off, ALL AMA PRO SUPERMOTO RACERS that sign up for round 1 of the AMA National championship are invited to the Moto X Supermoto race. Although all riders may not qualify for the Moto X event.

-The opening round of the AMA National is a separate race but will take place on the same day as the ESPN Moto X Supermoto World Championship. See the schedule at

-Seated riders have already been picked for the Moto X race so please don’t contact ESPN to find out how to get on the list.

-In order to attend the event, you must have a valid 2008 AMA Pro license and sign up and have your entries postmarked by March 28. To get the form go to: and it’s under the “Riders Only” section. There will be no Post Entries, even if you have your AMA Pro License. It is up to the racer to make sure their entry was received in time.

-The AMA race is the opening round of the 2008 season and a point-paying event. All AMA supermoto pros are invited and encouraged to attend. There will be parking and pits available to all riders that pre-enter.

-HOW TO QUALIFY FOR THE MOTO X EVENT?: All AMA racers have a chance to earn a spot in the Moto X supermoto event. As of right now, it looks like ESPN will pick the winning or top finishing rider from each class that has not already been invited to the Moto X race. Invited riders are locked into the Moto X race whether they race the AMA race or not. From there, they will be picking 9-12 riders that post the fastest lap times during the AMA Main events.

-DOES IT MATTER WHAT CLASS I AM RIDING TO MAKE THE MOTO X RACE? NO. The fastest lap times will be grouped together after the AMA main events and it does not matter if you are racing a 250, 450 or Unlimited bike.

-CAN I CHANGE BIKES OR BIKE SIZES AFTER THE AMA RACE? We are not sure, that will be an ESPN question. But we think you might be required to ride the bike you qualified on during the AMA race.

This may help clear up some of the confusion regarding the ESPN events that will also be hosting a round of the AMA Supermoto National championship. This criteria or something very similar will also apply to the X Games event in August.

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