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Air filter to put on carb of CR80

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I'm making my Cr80 street legal, and in doing so I'll be putting the battery in the air box, and I need to put a air filter right off the car. Does anyone know any good fits for this.
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Im trying to do the same thing basically except remove the air box all together and put a high flow filter directly to the carb. Did you figure anything out yet??
the guys up top had a forum about some tiny battery that would fit in the airbox.people were using them for sportbikes and sumos no problems.dont know the name:headscratheres a pic of what i did to mine.just left mounts for the box and everything to use stock dirt gets through.
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Wow, passenger pegs on the 150.

Wouldn't that be a little crowded?
theyre not for a passenger lol thats for when i decide to crash.they dont work though i crashed and the bolts pulled through the holes.onto my next clever idea:nutkick:
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