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Hey All - I have this "previously enjoyed" 450 that I'm trying to get to know and love. Started pretty well but when street riding would often stall at a red light. I thought I would just turn the idle - which seemed to fix-it but then was tough to start later. Reading the manual it gives a proceedure to set idle which involves turning an air mix screw. The only thing that looks like it might be the air mixture screw is capped with a little rubber cap - under the carb (see pics). Actually I pulled off the cap and it had a bit of gas in it but I didn't see a screw (maybe its buried inside or maybe it's gone). Anyway I thought I would post the issue while I hunt around for a dental mirror.

Please look at the pics and advise if this is where the air mix screw is. It weeps a bit of gas i notice...

Its really frustrating to ride right now - either stalling or not starting depending on how I set the idle. I take it from what I have read that the idel may be too rich - I don't know what that means exactly...
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