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I finaly got my new camera so heres what I was able to shoot at Adams this past wed.

It was also my first time out to So Cals newest SM track and it was great. Thet allow bikes every Wed so try and make it out so hopefully we can get more than just one day

not sure who this was but he looked pretty fast

Mr Currie



and a couple of Nathan

if anyone wants full size shots I have them, these are only 15% of teh actual size

Travis, My husband has been looking for this photo for 15 Years ! His house fire in 2008 burnt this photo up, bought it from you all those years ago i need to have it please ! He speaks of this picture all the time! I’ve been searching on every website i could think of! The photos of 124 Hyde. How can i contact you? My email is [email protected]
1 - 1 of 26 Posts