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Well it's kind of dead in here lately, so might as well add a little something at least, lol. I ride dirt every single weekend and often during the week as well, but it's usually mostly the same stuff that I ride here locally. I had an extra day off work this past Friday, so I decided to swap on the supermoto wheels and go for a little street ride this past Friday. Loaded up and headed out towards Robbinsville, NC to Deals Gap, aka the "tail of the dragon". I've ridden it many times, both on my sportbike and the KDX, but hadn't been across the Cherohala Skyway in quite some time. So that was the main reason I wanted to head out there

Got to the Deals Gap resort, unloaded and headed up the mountain to the overlook first. I'm always a sucker for some good views

0629181406a_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

I only made one pass through there, then came back down and made my way down to Robbinsville, where I'd get on the Skyway to head up to Tellico Plains, TN. You can always run into some weird weather up on this road due to the sudden elevation changes. Hard to see in the pic, but it was bright and sunny to my left going down the mountain, and dark and foggy to my right

0629181525_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Got up to the highest point and it wasn't bad..... got nice and cool (about 80 deg), and little foggy here and there but not bad

0629181536_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

0629181534a_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

The Trail Tech was pretty close on the altitude! haha

0629181532b_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Shortly after the highest point, you cross into TN and start going down the other side of the mountain and into Tellico Plains

0629181609_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

0629181616_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

0629181624_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

After making my way down into Tellico Plains, TN, I had to stop and fill up with gas. The KDX got a few compliments as I was filling up, both from a guy in a truck and another guy that pulled in on a Suzuki dual sport. He came over and was talking about how much he loved the KDX, and had never seen one as a supermoto before, lol. After filling up I went back a few miles and made a stop at Kats Deli.... one of the recommended food stops for this road. It's a small little hole in the wall place run solely by two little old ladies..... usually the best kind of food you'll ever eat

0629181742_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

And it didn't disappoint!

0629181713_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

After lunch I wanted to go find some waterfalls...... Bald River Falls was just a short ways off the Skyway, about 6 miles, so that's where I headed. Fun little road getting there, zig zagging right along the river the whole ways. It used to be an old railroad bed back in the day

0629181759_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Found it! I have a love fascination with waterfalls..... I try and find every one that I can, lol. Didn't even have to hike to this one, it was right along the road! :lol:

0629181814a_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

0629181806a_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

It was starting to get later in the day, and I still had well over an hour ride back to where I was parked at. So I started making my way back across the Skyway yet again

0629181844b_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Up at the highest point on the way back.... didn't get so lucky. Started raining and foggy again.... luckily it didn't last long, and dried out as I was going down the other side

0629181902a_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Got back to where I was parked by a little after 8..... it was getting dark but there was still some daylight left. I decided to head up the dragon one last time and try and catch a sunset before it got completely dark

0629182052_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Almost got it, lol

0629182038_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Got back and got loaded up..... ended up doing right at 190 miles for the day..... not too bad considering getting kind of a late start (it was a 3.5 hour drive out there from my house, and then another 3.5 hrs back after this.... looong day! haha)

0629182112_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Screenshot_2018-06-30-11-17-39 by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Elevation track for the day..... Lectron carb rocks, bike ran exactly the same at both 829 ft and 5440 ft

0629182112a_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

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And now for a little dirt action too....

I was originally planning to ride dirt saturday, but I ended up getting home so late and I was dead tired, I just slept in instead. Then mowed my grass, lol. My Shinko 525 Cheater tire was well past it's prime and needed to be changed out..... I'd had a new tire for awhile, just hadn't been able to get it swapped out yet. So I did that..... Def wanted a fresh one for the Cherokee National Enduro this weekend

0630182324a_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Not sure why the picture makes the old tire look so small..... they're actually the exact same size tires. New IRC VE33 Enduro.... great tires!

0701181235_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Sunday I loaded up once again and headed up to Virginia to meet up with my buddy Tim. I'd ridden with him a number of times down here where I'm at, but he's got a sweet little trail loop right there leading out from his house that him and another guy cut into the woods. Awesome tight and narrow little singletrack loop with some good hill climbs, log hops, off camber, downhill, and technical sections along the way

0701181603_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

0701181629_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

There's some other trails not far away either that he showed me...... some were pretty overgrown and we had to do a little trail blazing in stuff higher than the bikes were, haha. Not far from here we found a bunch of wild blackberries..... stopped and snacked on berries for a good 20 minutes.... it was awesome, lol. There was some fun stuff back there

0701181743_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

0701181744_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Then today, since we were all off for the 4th, another buddy (also Tim) wanted to bring his little brother and ride over at Brown Mountain again (a place I know like the back of my hand). They had both only been there one time before, and didn't really enjoy it because they didn't know their way around and were having trouble navigating. They wanted to try it again with somebody familiar with the trails and hope that they had a better time this time. So I got to play tour guide and show them around a little bit. It was hot as all hell but otherwise beautiful day, and everybody had a good time. He said it was definitely a much better experience this time, haha

0704181319a_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

0704181404_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Yours truly in the black/hi-viz, and Tims little brother Justin to the right

0704181442a_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

Took them to one of my favorite overlooks

0704181708_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

0704181711_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr

That's all the pics I've got for now..... I know, long post, lol. Time to get her washed up and ready to head down to Georgia for the Cherokee Nat'l Enduro on Saturday

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Well I'm jealous. In a good way of course.

Wish my motard was functional instead of being a bedroom decoration piece for the past 2-3 years.

Then again, AZ doesn't really have good roads to ride like this. I say kinda, cause while we have the roads, you'll need a pick up truck or trailer your bike to the destination to avoid the extensive endless stretches of highways here that are detrimental to single piston engines.

But anyways awesome pics. Good for motivation during down periods. Especially being a 2 stroke, just gives it that extra uniqueness.

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Looks like you made it to about all the same locations we did last year. And I've only made it across the Skyway once without getting soaked! The water at that little falls is cold as hell even in August. The cute little Gal that was walking up the bank told us so without a word. :clap: Looks like you had a full day for sure! Hope you can make it over that direction this August. I'll remind you again before that like we talked about. Great Day All!
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