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Alright I will try this. Havent had any luck selling this bike. Need to sell since I am looking to buy a 625 SMC or similar SM street legal bike and the warden :lol: says one or the other since we have a baby on the way. So the oldie has to go. It is a 1994 WR 250 2-Stroke. As some of you might know they do not make this bike any more. The picture shows it for motocross setup but I have all the original plastic for it. Head and tail lights original seat and a large capacity tank. Tires are pretty much brand new and bike runs excellent. Oil changes have been done regularly after every second ride. Just really havent been riding it at all in the past year but it started right up like a champ on the first kick. It truly is a good bike and I hate to see it go. I would like to see $1600 or make me an offer. Best way to get a hold of me is per email [email protected]

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