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So finally moved up from the mini bike to the big boy bike! Purchased a old '93 250 off of craigslist! I asked what the fuel mixture was since this was the first 2-stroke I have owned and the owner said he did not know?? :rolleyes2: His dad knew that passed away a couple years back. So I thought I could just look it up!

Finally started to enjoy and get used to large amount of power then it has from the mini's! When it ran out of gas...looking up on the web and I found 40:1, 32-38:1 to work best. I tried about three mixtures then gave up that day. I checked over the carb and everything is clean as a whistle, nothing up with the jets or any air leaks. Finally grabbed a new spark plug and gave it two kicks and she started up. Then wouldnt start up after the tank ran out again using the same mixture?

Havin some issues...could it be no spark? Jetting? Wrong mixture?

Any suggestions will help!
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