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I found this last year, paid $1300 and drove 5 hours to posess it, bike of my youth and all that. It was/is mint, gagared its whole life and well cared for, never seen a dirt road, I doubt it has ever been washed!!!Well, time marches on and I need the garage space. And it ain't near as fast or "awesome" as I recall it was as my tender 13 years old brain had imprinted! Some memories are better left just that!!!

It is like new, 1500 original miles and everything is original, down to the perfect tires, battery is 6v and dead but it runs and everything works without it but the turn signals. NJ street titled and road ready. Should get about 75 MPG min. Has oil injection and is good for local jaunts, I wouldn't go running down the highway, 45-50MPH is pretty good though.

Perfect for a collector, a guy who had one, as a pit bike or local commuter. $1300 in Ringwood NJ. 201-745-5699. Thanks.
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