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hey guys,

I have a question about choosing a powerful, yet reliable big bore kit for my 96 XR 650L. I have done a little bit of research and have found a 680 kit from Al Baker (xr's only), and something huge....a 720 kit from Kustom Kraft Performance Inc.

However, i have also heard a lot of different responses concerning the 720 kit i have heard that it is for one a very powerful upgrade. On the other hand, i have heard that it is not so reliable due to weardown on the engine and hard starts when its hot.

I am looking for some feedback on the subject at hand so that i can choose which kit i want to get. If you or someone you know has either of these kits, i would like to hear a little about's and con's of each, HP, torque, max rpms, temp. when riding, etc.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds to this, as i hope this can help me make my decision and get my bike done for riding season.

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