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Hi all,
Took my bike out today for a proper break-in...I stopped for a snack and what do you know, theres oil all over the bottom of the motor. Turns out its clearly coming from the countershaft sprocket.

So I pulled out the ever-awesome KTM tool kit (seriously it is the finest OEM tool kit ever), and checked the countershaft sprocket nut...I was able to tighten it some, and that is NOT correct. The torque number on that thing should be like 80 ft/lbs or something, no way you should be able to move it with the small spanner in the tool kit.

Anyhow, check the torque on your countershaft sprocket. My bike's at Scuderia now, hopefully it just needs a new seal.

Other than that small issue, this bike rips :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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