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I work at a dealer and the answer is yes and no. Some dealers will not touch your vehicle unless they do all the services/maintenance. Some are ok with it as long as you keep maintenance records and receipts for all fluids/filters/gaskets/shims, etc. used as proof...and may or may not specify that those materials are purchased through them.

Technically unless you F'd it up it should be covered under warranty but some dealers will simply refuse to take in your motorcycle. Policies vary. Best thing to do is talk to your dealer's service manager and find out.
Thanks for the response.

Is there anything in writing that would cover me? The way I read the manual, I leads me to believe they will not honor the warranty unless a KTM dealer does the service... :headscrat


The maintenance work described in the greasing and service table must be carried out exclusively in an authorized KTM workshop and confirmed in the service record, since otherwise any warranty claim is meaningless. No warranty claim can be met for damage resulting from manipulation and/or other changes to the vehicle.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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