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Ok went out and did some riding! I now know what you guys are talking about, staying low in the powerband as I could now bring it up in first gear with a quick twist of the throttle. As far as second and third gear I don't know how you guys bring it up using any method? I tried yanking on the bars (not a lot either didn't want to flip it either), rolling on then off then on the throttle either didn't not work in second gear as the rpms go up really fast, and down very slow. Staying in the low powerband of second and third gear the bike feels like it wants to turn off. So, by the time you wack the throttle open the bike just lunges foward. I was sitting far back in the seat too. I rode a Husky 450 one day and I was doing wheelies easily in first and second without any struggle! I just might go down one gear in the front even if I sacrifice some top end speed!
Dont try to wheelie from second right after shifting from high revs in 1st. You'll probably be going too fast as that point to get a good pull-up. It might work for some though. But I usually am just cruising at low speeds in second, then jack the throttle all the way, then it will come up on its own. Granted, I only weigh 175 (6'2"), but that shouldnt really be a factor considering you're at the center (or further towards the back) of the bike.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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