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I changed between maps for the first time today. The bike came to me set in position 2. This isn't the factory map however, as the previous owner had loaded a custom Tuneboy map into this location. In 2, the bike idles perfectly and there is almost zero popping at any time.

I wanted to experience the less aggressive throttle of position 3, so changed it up this afternoon. The idling jumps around a little bit... basically bouncing between 1,500 and 1,900rpm. Now, on decel it pops quite hard which it never did before on the previous setting. I do prefer this setting's performance though, but l would like to make it run as smoothly as it does in position 2.

Is this one of those occasions where running the bike 15 minutes from cold is a good idea, followed by that throttle re-calibration with the engine off but the power on? Or do l need to load an Akra map onto position 3?

The bike has holes in the air box and a full FMF Apex pipe. Any help would be greatly appreciated as l am worried about running lean.

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