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I fell off the other day and thought I'd share a damage report. The bike hit the front initially, either against a soft, earth embankment or a fencepost. It was on both sides and on its back, too.

left rear blinker lens broke. blinker functions.

mirrors scuffed on top but otherwise fine.

brake light lens chipped around the top lip but otherwise fine.

bar ends scuffed

bracket for the left can bent a bit, forcing can slightly toward the bike.

grab rails trashed. (but the protected the seat, which has no blemishes, and the bodywork, of which only the black tail section is ground down a bit on the side edge)

The forks were kind of twisted up. I loosened the triple clamps, as advised by members of this board, and pulled the handlebar off its mount. Everything looked straighter, but not perfect. So I pulled the bars again, then pulled out the rubber sleeves from the upper triple clamp to unspring them. That made all the difference.

While fishing out a washer that had fallen down by the lower triple clamp, I nudged one of the steering lock tabs, which broke off in my hand. There is still enough aluminum left on the triple clamp to do the job, so long as I don't crash again.

Out back, I took off the plastic to check the subframe. Pictured below is the extent of the damage, limited to the anchors for the bolts that hold the grab rails on. Looks like the grab rails absorbed a lot of the shock when the bike was on its back. The front (left) side is barely damaged. The rear side (right) is in worse shape. The threaded collar on the underside of the hole that receives the bolt fell off (again, in my hand). Otherwise, everything looks and rides straight.

I'm going to try to JB Weld the collar on and hope everything lines up in all of the holes. Otherwise, I'll ditch the grab rails and try to find some plugs for the holes.

All in all, I'd say these bikes crash well. I was surprised to come out of that without more significant damage.


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Sorry mate, how did it happen?

Check out the thread "Best looking KTM690SM I have ever seen" for a picture of a chopped up 690sm, looks mean! Might be an option if you dont want to return to stock
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