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Just picked up this bad boy 690 enduro/smc and want to do a submount setup for my Scotts stabilizer.

Seems there were a few options that I remember seeing.
Thought Billet Racing Products had one (pricey) and then there was another one, not sure of name. If you know of any plz post.

I did find this custom jobber. Kinda bulky for my liking though.

I'd like that which bolts onto the upper oem triples, so I don't have to replace the whole thing like BRP sells for a whopping $320-400.

Found this one, which is good but trying to see if they'll sell just the kit without the stablizer.
UPDATE: the above Scott's item is sold by BRP without the stabilizer for $230 or so. They are in the process of updating it on their website.
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