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For the guys (including myself) that want to swap your KTM Enduro R from Off Road to Supermoto and back again, this is for you.

Everyone knows (my assumption) that you have to take the OEM fork guards off your Enduro R and install aftermarket guards to fit SuperMoto wheels, or else the tire will rub on the inside of the OEM guards.

This process involves taking the forks out of the triple trees and sliding the fork guards off and reinstalling forks. This can become a PITA if you want to swap back and forth between your Sumo setup and off-road setup and use the better protection OEM guards.

Here's the solution:

1. On the backside of the OEM fork guard there are 2 seams (connection points) made by the plastic, CUT THESE, follow the seams.
Doing this makes it possible to open the guard up and slide it off the fork without removal of forks.

2. Drill 6 small holes with 7/64 bit per fork guard. 4 holes at the top connection/seam and 2 holes at the bottom connection/seam.

3. Use 3 small zip ties, routing them through holes, per fork guard to fasten the seams together when using OEM fork guards.

Now all you need to do is keep a stock of small zip ties for when you trade out your fork guards from SuperMoto and Off-Road.

Cheers :cheers:


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