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Hello guys!

It's the first time I write a thread but i've been reading a lot for a while now and I have found a lot of info here! Unfortunately, I have not found anything that looks like the issue I have now.

Bike info : 2013 Enduro R , 16 000km, only mod is an FMF exhaust.

The problem is really intermittent. It only happens when the bike is hot. I can ride for about 20-30 km without a problem and all of a sudden, the engine can hardly rev up 6k rpm. It does not have power at all and the engine heats quickly (enough that the temperature light illuminated (or flashed, can't remember) once....)

Here is a link of a video so you can hear the engine...

A bike shop (non KTM specialised) troubleshot it and tried the L/H TPS (TAHAD), the MAP sensor, spark plug, fuel pressure (was good even when the bike was having the issue). He also adjusted both TPS.
I then found a loose wire connection on the ignition coil. I secured it and all of a sudden, the bike went well for more than 50km ! Thought it was fixed. But no. So i tried replacing the ignition coil, no fix. Replaced the spark plug connector, no fix. I checked the TPS voltage even when the bike was having issues : it was ok.

That's it! Do any of you have heard of a similar problem ??? I'm out of ideas here...
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