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660SMS or 630SMR

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Which would you do? I need to know the pro's-con's before pluking down the $$$$$

I like the SMS ALOT! I have some good dealers for service & parts nearby, so that is playing a major roll.

the SMR Eddie Steel rep is klling me though-------I can picture myself on that bike!

Bike will be run at Jennings, Ocala & Barbour. plus on the 100 acre homestead
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Yes the 660smc is 7K but the 660sms is a factory race bike and they are selling for 10-12K :headscrat
Nothin else :lol: . I have an Aprilia Mille as well that I need to sell. I'm too indecisive :headscrat . I need to make my damn mind up.
Hell yeah thats a sweet Mille. I just put dual titanium exhaust on mine and now I'm selling it :headscrat . Makes a lot of sense doesn't it :hammer:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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