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650L Speedo Thought

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I was searching the net to see what I can do about the speedo difference when converting the 650L to SM . I came across a bike, a FMX650 which is the Euro. version of the 650L with 17's from the factory. :thumbup: Now If anyone has any connection with any Euro. Honda dealers that can possibly get a truckload of the speedo pick-ups and cable over (here) to the states, I'm sure you will not have a problem getting rid of them. I'll buy one. :clap: I'm not interested in the Trail Tech Computer, :hmmm: I prefer the analog readout vs. Digital. :rofl:

Also if anyone has tried this, weather it did or did not work, I would like to know so I don't drive myself crazy not knowing. :headscrat ( I gots to know) :bowdown: Just seems to obvious not to work, just need the overseas connection.

Also does anyone where and If they make carbon fiber fork shields for the 650L (not with the new inverted forks).

Any information would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!! :D

01 650L Tard in the works.
lots of mods.
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I too am wondering about re-adjusting my stock speedo hook-up. My bike is a dr650se. Do you think the hub crap off a drz400sm would work?? Thanx, Ed
I do not understand why you guys would want to keep the analog gauges for. :headscrat They are not any where close to being right.Speedo cables and gear drives are usally way off.But to each his own.Good luck getting it the way you want. :thumbup:
My TrailTech Endurance computer worked great for about a year. But recently it started getting flaky... speed fluctuations, wouldn't autostart, stuff like that.

I emailed TT, and they got back to me the next day, saying that it sounded like the sensor was failing, and to please send my shipping address and they'd shoot a new sensor right out to me under warranty. Mind you, mine was way out of warranty.

A couple days later, complete new sensor assembly and mounting hardware arrived. I put it on, and it's working perfectly again.

Great customer service, IMO.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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