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I decided to change camchain at 18000miles on odo.
(do not wait so long to replace it. it should be done more frequently! see owners manual!)

I Ordered new chain (partnumber 8000 58541). Local dealer delivered me the it - and I can't insert it - too short. Beginning to count links - 120. My original chain was 122 links. Going to dealer, describing the problem, they use DHL order and deliver me one more chain.
Guess what happens? 120 links again!

Then I order this chain (same partnumber) from German Husky dealer - and Bingo! :clap: 122links.
The partnumber (8000 58541) is the same on all 3 chains package.

Can Anybody explain what was it? Where this 120-link chain used to be installed?
Why 2 different chains can be sold under similar partnumbers? :headscrat

Here's pictures of two _new_ chains - length difference can be seen clearly.

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