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610 engine removal

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im taking my engine out of the frame of an 06 to replace the headgasket and misc other things. i have the workshop manual but couldnt find anything outlying the process to extract the engine from the frame. i was going to do the following: remove gas tank/drain carb; remove coolant; remove plastics; disconnect electronics; remove airbox/carb; remove exhaust; remove engine mounts; remove countershaft sprocket; remove shifter/rear brake; extract engine.

Am I missing anything else? What side does the engine remove from? if you've ever remove an engine from a husky any info helps.
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Motor will come out either side. Swingarm needs to be pulled as well because the pivot goes through the engine. It's pretty straight forward to do.
yep the swingarm differently has to be removed. thanks for the insight.
On my i.E I do to the left side(wheare is exaust)....Withouth removing airbox.
i took it out the ride side but removed damn near everything except the front end and subframe. now i have to remove the subframe to get that welded too. somedays i hate motorcycles.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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