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560 smr help

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I'm the proud owner of a 08 R1 but I got bit by the sumo bug and I'll be getting one soon.
I was looking for a 525 exc ktm but, after looking at a friends 525 smr, I knew I would have to get a smr.
I managed to get a really good deal on a 07 560 smr but I was expecting a little help in knowing something more about its maintenence and reliability. I've already searched a bit and already know about the crank weld and balancing thing, but apart from that, is there anything more I would have to care about?

This bike will not be used in circuit; it will be for road use in 10/15 kms/day (sunny days only eheh). Ill have to learn how to do the oil change and valve checks... it should be somehow similar to the 525, shouldn't it?
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not really sure why you'd pick the smr over an exc as looks wise they're identical with the EXC scoring way higher on the reliability chart compared to a 560 smr, not to mention the exc already has all the proper equipment for road use. an exc would have been a way better choice no matter how you look at it, chassis parts like suspension and brakes can be easily upgraded to bring it to "SMR level" and you'll still have a more reliable motor that packs enough power.

well you're in the boat you set sail on so nothing much more to do now. change the oil every 10 to 15 hours along with cleaning all the screens, valve checks every 30 hours. 560's are prone to crank and crank bearing failures, any weird noise or ticking sound coming from around that area while the motor is running and you're looking at tearing it down.
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Just talked again with the bike's owner and I'm feeling sad now.... Apparently, even though the bike is plated, it doesn't have the hability to provide enough power to sustain medium and high beams or even a stop light (don't know how he managed to plate it but he did).
He said I would have to buy a magnetic plate (direct translation from the portuguese, don't know if it is what you guys call "stator") apart from the wiring. He also said that the magnetic plate alone would be around 150/180€.
Would really like having one of these war horses but I'm kinda getting frightened with all these issues... Don't even know who would be able to do the crank weld thing here in portugal (or even in the EU).
I really like the smr brakes/suspension setup but there are only two for sale in portugal now; this 560 and a 450 (but it costs 1200€ more and I have the idea they're less reliable).
Also have the chance to buy cheaper sumo 525 exc with just the need to change brakes and suspension... And I've already have a great deal on a motomaster disk and caliper (should I change the brake's master cilinder if I go this way?)
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Personally. Lack of electrics would put me off the 560 a little. I'd imagine the suspension on an EXC would be more than up to street duty and the brake upgrade should be fairly straightforward. But! - Supermoto for me is all about taking what you've got and making it rock! So If the 560 is easy to get hold of or you've already got it. Just go to work and make it into the bike you want it to be. :)
And I've already have a great deal on a motomaster disk and caliper (should I change the brake's master cilinder if I go this way?)
I would recommend it. I have the full Motomaster setup, it's pretty good. I didn't try it with the original MC.

I've actually found good results with the stock EXC caliper, the thin KTM 320mm rotor and a radial MC. (Maybe not up to heavy duty racing, but I raced with that set up, no problems.
ok.... made up my mind. I'm letting the 560 go. After talking with a friend who owns a ktm dealership he said I should get a 525.
I'm already on the search...
Thanks guys
Can not go wrong with any 525,they are bomber strong and fast, with the right mods?
Normally you need a stator, flywheel, stator cover, wiring loom, lights, rectifier, light switches to convert it

You can add some windings to the original stator to get a bit more power, and run a led rear light and something basic in front

525 is a good solution

I would change oil at 10hours, something of good quality, motul 300v 15-60 works well for me
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