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5" Rear on Yamaha 450?

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I know I've seen some discussion here about it, but can't find via search:

What kind of special tricks are required to run a 5" rear on a recent ('03 or '04) Yamaha 450? Specific tire size requirements? Thanks for any info or suggestions.

It will probably be doing more street 'tard work than track stuff for now, but I'd like to do a couple trackdays with it and possibly some club racing at some point. I can do a 4.25" rear, but would prefer to just go for the 5" unless there's a major issue with clearances.
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ronwest99 said:
4.25 is for street bikes, 5 or 5.5 is for race bikes. It's that simple
But Ron, what if I just wannabe just like one of the cool kids. Duzzat count? :D

Seriously though, if as Jeff notes, it's not a big deal to run the 5", why wouldn't I?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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