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5" Rear on Yamaha 450?

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I know I've seen some discussion here about it, but can't find via search:

What kind of special tricks are required to run a 5" rear on a recent ('03 or '04) Yamaha 450? Specific tire size requirements? Thanks for any info or suggestions.

It will probably be doing more street 'tard work than track stuff for now, but I'd like to do a couple trackdays with it and possibly some club racing at some point. I can do a 4.25" rear, but would prefer to just go for the 5" unless there's a major issue with clearances.
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I have a 2000 YZ426F with a 5" rear on it. I didn't have to remove the chain guide to install the tire and wheel. It takes a little patience, but it will go in there without dismanteling the bike. I had to off-set the rim a tad to allow the tire to clear the chain. It is a bit closer than I would like, but it will wear its way in. When I get new rubber, I may opt for a little narrower tire. I have a Maxxis 165 on the rear now. On my old TZ250 with a 5" rim I think I ran something like a 155. I may go that route to allow the chain a bit more clearance.

The 5" does flatten out the tread pattern better than the 4.25. The more rubber on the road at one time the better.


Paul G
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