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Hi richieB, thank you for your have a beautiful bike but also your dog is very cool :clap: !!!!!!!
I have a 5" too(Black), but I'd like to fit a 5,50" Excel.
Now my bike is with white /yellow plastic :headshake ,but because I don't like it, in a future will be all black.....
For this reason I'm undecided if buy Gold or Black Excel :headscrat :D
Probably still black......
Ciao from Italy and BUON NATALE(Merry XMas)

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PowerFiend said:
I don't know about the CR500, but I have seen a 5.5" with a 170 Avon slick wedged into a CRF. It is very very tight, and you need to offset the countershaft sprocket and run a non-oring chain.

Hi, thank you for your answer...
My bike has the same swingarm of crf450 and so I can fit 5,50 rear rim.
I have to do many modifications but I think to know all what I have to do.....
I'd like to explain all the operations but my "english" is very rusty ...... :damn:
I have to:
1) assemble the rim moved to right
2) turn front chainwheel upside down (the front chainwheel's tickness must to be inside....)
3) put a 2,5 or 3,5mm (I don't remeber) thickness under rear chainwheel so the chain will be moved to left
4) modify chain guide and swingarm cutting a piece of chain guide mounts
5) mill rear brake's braket ..........

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