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2019 KTM 690 SMC R
I hate to do it, but I am selling my 2019 KTM 690 SMC R Supermoto. It is like new with almost every upgrade possible. I set it up with the idea of having it forever. It is an absolute blast to ride. Over $3,000 in upgrades. Perfect condition. Clean title with no lien. 1,287 miles which will go up as I ride it. Over $3,000 in upgrades on a practically new bike. $11,000.
-Lean Sensitive Traction Control
-Cornering ABS with Supermoto mode
-Quick Shifter
Up and Down with autoblip

Upgrades Include
-Rottweiler Intake System ($350)
-Full Exhaust System ($980)
Arrow aluminum with Tekmo titanium header
-DynoJet Power Commander V tuned to the intake and exhaust system ($390)
-Rottweiler SAS/Canister removal kit ($60)
-Factory Pro detent arm shift kit ($110)
-P3 Composites skid plate ($245)
-Rottweiler/CRG quick-flip mirrors ($200)
-KTM heated grips ($190)
-R&G Fender Eliminator ($110)
-R&G engine case cover ($70)
-R&G clutch case cover ($70)
-R&G frame sliders ($70)
-R&G fork protectors ($30)
-R&G swingarm spools ($30)
-R&G tank grips ($25)
-R&G silencer slider ($50)
-Rizoma Action LED turn signals ($200)
-Rottweiler internal soft bag ($50)
-I am sure I forgot a few
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