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They have a new website now.

This was confusing me for a while because the old website is still there and showing the 2017 schedule. They need to kill the old corpse of a website and redirect to the new.

No events scheduled Saturday June 9th, so pending good weather I'm planning on going that day. Post up if you'd like to join me.

If we can get more than a few people going, I'll give them a call and have them hold the day for us. At a bare minimum I will call ahead and make sure they get the track sweeper out for us - because drifter dust sucks. F'n drifters leavng their plasticy tire dust everywhere. It's not like the good stuff the karts lay down.

If Friday works better for anyone, consider a stop at the Road America Motorplex. It's a bikes only day there. I can't make it to that one though.

See you at the track this year!
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