Hey Folks,

Located in LA, 7500 OBO. Putting this posts out as a feeler, let me know if you’re interested. I'm selling to get into minibikes, willing to trade for a race ready SUPERMINI CRF150R/RB with 12" Mags. If no one is willing to buy this bike in this trim, I'll just strip parts and post for sale as a regular dirt bike. Vet/Adult/engineer owned. I'll add some more pictures when I can get all the parts out of my shed this weekend. If you are interested in the Warp9 Tubeless wheels, feel free to make an offer. Selling the wheels separate will be fine. I think they will fit: 2020-2021 WR250F, 2019-2021 WR450F, 2014-2021 YZ250F/YZ450F, 2015-2021 YZ250FX, and 2016-2021 YZ450FX (double check do your own homework of course)

This is a mint bike that I used for supermoto track duty and trail riding (~20 hours supermoto, 80 hours dirt). I’ll add more pictures of the extra parts when I can pull them out of my shed. If you have specific questions feel free to ask, I was to lazy to dig up specs for everything but I can. 

This is a 2016 YZ250F - 60th Anniversary Edition. I still have the original yellow anniversary plastics, they are just banged up. Current have the Acrebis black plastics, no graphics. Bike is up to date on registration, red sticker (left fork), title clear and in my name.

Mechanical Condition:
 9/10 - Some scratches to rear axle and left foot peg. Everything else is mint.

Engine/Cooling: It has 103 hours on the motor. ~2 hour on the top end rebuild, (Wiseco’s forged piston top end rebuild kit). I replaced a lot of factory bolts for OEM bolts. New NGK plug. Maintained with Yamalube 0W-40, distilled water with water wetter. Always ridden and stored with 91 pump with STABIL fuel stabilizer. Intake/Exhaust: It comes with two air filters, both cleaned. It comes with a full Dr. Dubach NS-4 exhaust (header, mid pipe, muffler, and optional USFS approved spark arrestor). It also has the full OEM exhaust.

Frame: Solid, no dents or cracks. Suspension: Front - Front forks are stock, rebuilt with OEM fork rebuild kit and 10wt fork oil (2 hours on forks, done same time as top end rebuild). Comes motion pro speed bleeders (I have original screws if that’s your thing). Rear - No changes to shock, should be rebuilt.

Chains: Chain for dirt, and a new chain for supermoto duty.

DIRT: FRONT Excel Front( ) XXXX Front tire @ 80% life REAR Excel Rear () XXX Rear tire @ 80% life

Supermoto - Rear swing arm chain guide installed FRONT Tubeless!! Spoke Warp9 Front (16.5”x3.5”), slight lip rash - Tires Michelin Supermoto Slick B compound 4 heat cycles. REAR Tubeless!! Spoke Warp9 Rear (17”x 5”) - Tires Michelin Supermoto Slick C Compound 4 heat cycles

Rotors: New rotors on supermoto wheels (320mm front, stock rear), New rear rotor on dirt rear wheel (I had an extra laying around).

Brakes: Stainless steel front brake line, (still have OEM if that's your thing). Motul 660 fluid, been maybe 10 hours since last bleed. Sinterpro Front Brake Pads, still have OEM pads.

Things not covered above:
  • It will also come with a GYTR tuner, these are $$$ and let you mess with fuel and ignition maps, look at some sensor readings, and engine time.
  • Frame guards
  • Chain guide block
  • EMIG handle bar grips
  • Front and Rear Axle sliders
  • Tire warmers (I may keep these for my other track bikes).
  • I have a 2016 CRF450R MC and Caliper that I was going to swap to this bike (willing to sell on the side).