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Hi all,

Motorcycle noob in need of some help. It's my first bike. I use it around town, on the twisty roads in the countryside and on trails.
Right now I'm waiting on my SM wheels to arrive. Goal is to have an all-day everyday sm and be able to quick switch to the stock wheels for trails and long distance trips.
I bought the bike pretty much the way it is setup now and lacking any clue of electricals on it.

I need some help on my handlebar setup. I think it's a little cluttered right now and I wanna have a cleaner more practical approach.
I got a set of SM wheels on my way to me and wanna do some more work on the bike in the process.

I'm not happy with the headlight so I'm looking for an upgrade there. Wanna increase my sight and my visibility for cars as well. Going by looks alone I'd love to put in a 8" race light but I'm not sure whether they would be to bright for oncoming traffic? What would I need to do to my bike to hook one of those up, preferably dimmable. DOT or other regulations don't care as I'm living in Trinidad and here no one cares about that stuff but I don't wanna be "that guy" blinding everybody in town.

I wanna replace the speedo with a TT Voyager.

Anybody have a tip on other switches that would allow me lose some of the units I have on my bike right now. Something like one-for all button? Would like to get some space to add at least one mirror.

Any input is appreciated,

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