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Hello Supermoto Racers and Track-Day'rs!

2013 is shaping up to be a great year!

We have 5 races and a good amount of track days set up at Miller Motorsports Park. All 5 races are supermoto only and will not be combined with USBA sport bike training. We will have a dedicated Supermoto race day schedule for our series!

SCHEDULE-***Dates are pretty solid, if for some reason a round needs to be moved, advanced notice will be given.

Round 1-
Saturday, May 18th- Practice 5:30pm-dusk
Sunday, May 19th- Race

Round 2-
Saturday June 15th- Practice 5pm-dusk
Sunday, June 16th- Race

Round 3-
Saturday, July 13th- Practice 5pm-dusk
Sunday, July 14th- Race

Round 4-
No Saturday practice
Sunday, August 18th- Race

Round 5-
Saturday, September 28th- Practice 5pm-dusk
Sunday, September 29th- Race

2013 racer fees will change slightly. NO YEARLY MEMBERSHIP FEE! Race once or race all season, you only pay your race day fees. No more $25 membership fee. Race day fees for Minis are still $25, while big bike race fees are $60 for the first class and $30 for the second.

The practice schedule is on a PDF so I'll get the dates off of .t and post them up here. There are Multiple Supermoto only dates so we won't have to share track time with the karts! There are also combined SM/Kart days to give more opportunities for track time. Daily practice price for big bikes is $42, but you can get the price back down to $32 (the 2012 price) by purchasing a MMP discount card. The discount card costs $50, and gets you $10 off each practice date, plus discounts on kart house merchandise, snacks/drinks, and rental Karts. Discount card not available for mini bikes, but practice is a reasonable $15.

Looking for Volunteers! A season-long volunteer is preferred. If a couple racers can bring a volunteer, they can race their second class for free! ***Limited availability, this is at my discretion. I am looking for dependable volunteers.

Check out the online forums! Feel free to post your comments as Utah Supermoto is a community effort: f=26

More series details will be released soon including revised rulebook, race day schedule, and more. Thank you for your continued participation in the Utah Supermoto Championship. I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Thank you!
Jeff Rydalch

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2013 Quick schedule list.

2/2 10AM - 4PM -Open track, Kart/SM
2/9 10AM - 4PM -Open track, Kart/SM
2/16 10AM - 4PM -Open track, Kart/SM
2/23 10AM - 4PM -Open track, Kart/SM
3/17 8AM-Noon -Open track, Kart/SM
3/24 8AM-Noon -Open track, Kart/SM
4/9 1PM-7PM -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
4/16 1PM-7PM -Open track, Kart/SM
4/23 1PM-7PM -Open track, Kart/SM
4/30 1PM-7PM -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
5/7 1PM-8PM -Open track, Kart/SM
5/14 1PM-8PM -Open track, Kart/SM
5/18 5:30PM-Dusk -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
5/19 8am RACE #1
5/21 1PM-8PM -Open track, Kart/SM
5/28** 1PM-8PM -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
6/4 1PM-9PM -Open track, Kart/SM
6/11** 1PM-9PM -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
6/15 5PM-Dusk -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
6/16 8am RACE #2
6/25 1PM-9PM -Open track, Kart/SM
7/2 1PM-9PM -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
7/9 1PM-9PM -Open track, Kart/SM
7/20 5PM-Dusk -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
7/21 8am RACE #3
7/23 1PM-9PM -Open track, Kart/SM
7/30 1PM-9PM -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
8/6 1PM-9PM -Open track, Kart/SM
8/13 1PM-9PM -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
8/18 8am RACE #4
8/20 1PM-9PM -Open track, Kart/SM
8/27 1PM-9PM -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
9/3 1PM-8PM -Open track, Kart/SM
9/17 1PM-8PM -Open track, Kart/SM
9/24 1PM-8PM -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
9/28 5PM-Dusk -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
9/29 8am RACE #5
10/8 1PM-7PM -Open track, Kart/SM
10/15 1PM-7PM -Open track, SUPERMOTO ONLY
10/22 1PM-7PM -Open track, Kart/SM
10/29 1PM-7PM -Open track, Kart/SM

** Private group events may be scheduled on these days due to inventory availability - call Miller Mototorsports Park in advance.

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Wow that's a lot of track time, awesome!

Do i see February dates in there? Lol brrr
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