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As expected, our 10 year old is out growing his SECOND ktm (spoiled kid!!!), so now gotta look for a 65. Overall, the bike is in excellent shape, never raced, just trail riding and a few days at the cart track in supermoto form.

I bought this from the original owner, who bought it for his grandson. Kid didnt like riding, so the bike was basically brand new. He replaced the piston just because (old one was in brand new condition). He figured maybe 2-3 hours of riding total. We've had the bike for one season, three dirt days and two cart track days at Overland Park. No jumps or significant crashes (my kid is not as brave as he thinks he is!)

Got the jetting set so that it starts easier. Kid restarts it with zero issues. Oil is changed after every ride (critical for clutch life) using either Motrek or Motul gear oil. Only takes 640cc, so not a big deal. I take care of my stuff, and have owned various KTMs over the years. Overall its a very reliable bike, especially for a two stroke.

Kid is now 4'8" with long legs, so its just getting too short. Could get a big wheel kit for it, but I want him to learn a manual clutch. He was 4'4 when we got it last year, which is about right. Rear shock has two positions, so it can be set lower. Overall, the WP suspension is really top notch on this bike; fully adjustable!

Note (and this is important) we still have the original MCO from KTM, so the bike can be titled. Not only is this ideal for legal reasons, but it allows you to get an off road plate for places like Thompson Dam. This was important for me when buying a dirtbike; WAY too much stolen crap out there.

Bike is about 99% stock, with the following:
  • Orange Renthal rear sprocket.
  • Handelbar riser system (three settings)
  • Brand new Dunlop rear tire
  • New set of spare front brake pads (still in package)
  • Crankshaft shaft seal replaced with new KTM part
  • New KTM factory decals just added
Just did a quick video of the bike running; got it started with just a few kicks, and this was after bring in storage for three months; about 39 degrees out!:

Video of KTM 50 running

Always garage kept in climate controlled unit. Excellent mechanical and physical condition. Located in our storage unit in Bayonne NJ: right off exit 14 of the NJ Turnpike.

Selling for $1,700

some picts from various times (Supermoto wheels/tires do not come with the bike, but are negotiable)





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